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Perhaps the vast stretch of sand in coasts and riverside lying indifferent was first to tickle the fancy of the Supreme Artist to create dunes resembling the blue waves. Gentle breeze was the invisible brush, dews, the liquid to soften the stuff and the sun, of course, to bake it firm. And then time to erase it to replace it by another. This was perhaps how the different forms of art work originated. Sand art followed by sand animation came into being. Like any other form of art, sand art is complete in it and serves as a strong means to express creativity as well as communicate a message.

Sand animation, basically, had always been a solo performance until Manas Kumar Sahoo, for the first time, successfully used group effort in this art work. He worked with his team and their performances left the judges and audience speechless in the famous Indian reality show 'India's Got Talent Khoj - 2' in COLORS, a channel that is a sister concern of the renowned network group NETWORK -18.


About Me

In my childhood, I was very fond of the Puri beach. My father used to accompany me there. It was then that I came across the artwork on sand for the first time. It was awesome and is still fresh in my mind. The beauty and excellence of those figures on sand inspired me to learn it. My grandfather Sri Kartik Sahoo was an artist. He was skilled in various arts. His art had a tremendous influence on me. Even though he had died long before I was born, I think there was some connection beyond sanguine relationship. My elder brother loved to draw the pictures of Hanuman. And initially, I tried to imitate him and later joined Sandhya Art School.

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